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Triggering Self-Healing – Extend Your Life Span
Mushrooms, Mycology of Consciousness – Paul Stamets, EcoFarm Conference Keynote 2017
this is what we discovered as well, that it is the vaccines causing the infections - the inverted whirld!
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Triggering Self-Healing – Extend Your Life Span
Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
What they did to Dr. Young is exactly what they have planned for anyone who challenges the orthodoxy of pharmaceutical medicine with any alternative viewpoint or strategy. Dr. Young's testimony highlights the level of medical-legal sickness in courthouses across America:
Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
Jeffrey Smith

I drove my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee solo for 2500 miles thru ice, snow, blistering winds, 9 degree Fahrenheit weather and astounding scenery from Edmonton to San Francisco to arrive at the home of Jeffrey Smith. Without this one person, we would never have legally beaten Monsanto nor even put a dent against the GMO onslaught we are facing. In a series of videos I filmed with this INCREDIBLE and ASTOUNDING human being, we discuss every aspect of the GMO question and what we can expect in the future. Essential information. Please Share.

Also: please support Jeffrey Smith and his Institute for Responsible Technology any way you can. Here are his vital links. Please investigate these links, learn and explore!

Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT).
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Secret Ingredients is a must-see life-changing film that shows amazing health recoveries when people switch to an organic diet. (

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For the online conference, Healing from GMOs and Roundup, with Jeffrey Smith’s interviews of 18 experts (

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To help you adopt an organic lifestyle, try the 90-Day Lifestyle Upgrade
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Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
The potential impact of RoundUp and glyphosate on future generations based on animal research...
Oh the inverted world...

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The water supplies contain these pesticides at very high concentrations. Most filters do not eliminate them effectively. Enter micro filtration - Auro liquid gold will oxidized and agglomerate chemicals including glyphosate. People who eat organic still have high levels of these chemicals in the body according to our bioresonance analysis. Its a widespread contaminant. Ozone is effective for cleaning your fresh food. Ultimately another reminder that we should grow our own food or know our farmers and lands.