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New product in development! Partnership with Nissim @ Auro Liquid Gold (
i had wrote a comment for this last post of lyme disease medicine but i see it didn't come through. This is a new product from a company here in poland. I have been using their worm and fungal cleanses with great success for myself and others. If anyone wants more information on this product, let me know! Aho
I received my sovereign republic documents from Errant Menda Lerenda. This process has actually been recognized by nation states even though it is not required. Another great tool for the sovereign - updates to follow as I explore this lawful process in action as in crossing national borders and express intrinsic immunity through diplomatic relations with foreign states to this vessel I call the nanosacred imploship. I’m available to share more information about this in the discussion group.
Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
In case you don’t know or never heard this before: Lyme’s Disease was Part of the “Weaponized Tick Program” developed by Operation Paperclip Germ-Warfare Nazi Dr. Erich Traub who was brought to the United States after a harrowing escape from communist East Berlin in 1949. The US Army set him up in a germ warfare research facility on Plum Island, New York. Dr. Traub’s specialty was weaponizing existing tick diseases, making them at least 10 times more virulent. By all indications, weaponized Lyme’s Disease escaped to the beach in Lyme, Connecticut (just across Long Island Sound from Plum Island) in the Summer of 1975 and New England has never been the same. Now Folks in the government are finally getting ready to investigate: The House orders Pentagon to review if it exposed Americans to weaponised ticks
Sign of the Times
Sharing music from Sylvia , a sound healer and musical artist gracing the ceremony scene, festivals and concerts with sonic medicine for growth and healing. We met today for the first time and look to collaborate with sound and the art of self discovery. I will enclose some links to her sound healing and other offerings. She also brought me the tuning forks i set an intention to manifest several months ago. I did not have to seek them out or put too much physical effort into it once again reminding of synchrognosticity, a word i have coined for gnosis gained through synchronicities. This will add nicely to the sound healing kit we offer at our retreats and journeys such as the spirit retreat in playa lagarta, costa rica. Sending love to you all!
Forwarded from Sylwia Glimasinska
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I am enclosing a link to a website and an amazing spirit named Ra Castaldo who is bringing the gnosis and helping in this great unveiling....
As i continue my research into EMFs and transmutation of such adverse transverse waves i have come across another stone named Shieldite. This does appear to be a better EMF solution than shungite mainly due to the purity of the shungite and that it comes from one mine in Shunga. All stones coming from this mine are named shungite but not all have sufficient fullerenes carbon 60-70 which are key to distortive wave transumtation. I will enclose a link on the comparison. Granted there is bias in this information, there is supporting data, is logical and it is worth testing.
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This book is foundational to innerstanding the history of us and the Divine Feminine, Injoy!

Wheel of Deception Series...
This single website summarizes some truths pertaining to the origins of us and how the last four millenia have been the bottom if this was a stock market and now we will enter a bull market of consciousness. One interesting conclusion the writer makes is that Anu is Yahweh, the self proclaimed sole creator of all in the bible. The destroyer of the tower of babel because man was reaching their state of consciousness and he feared he would loose his power. Anu is the heavenly warrior-blood sacrifice-head-father god of the Annunaki pantheon. Jehovah and Yahweh are other names for the same entity and imv shiva and many others. You can verify this information for yourself by reading the translations of the sumerian tablets. Followers of Anu are known as Anuites and thus most people on the earth are such. Have you been fooled in this inverted world? Where are you on the wheel?