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Introducing Sui Juris, a solution for sovereignty courtesy of our good friend and brother Jon. I encourage all that seek the wisdom of law and the true path to an inner awakening - the ground floor is key and here. Aho
Forwarded from Sui Juris
OK as for what i, teach , its the most important information of our generation right now , as so many have no idea what true rights are, and or what law is, and legal is not law, as so many today believe ,contained in this very fun course believe it or not ,its fun as you will learn things that make you go hmm oh wow or i never looked at it like that before ;you will finally feel empowered and understand your true power as man ; you will learn the difference between law and legal the difference between a legal person , defendant , plaintiff ect..and a man/woman ; you will learn how to remove controversy; and go to honor which starves the legal system, as they need you to fight to survive; i, will show you how to go to peace and to enforce it..the difference between rights as a man/woman and benefits we think are rights; we have as a citizens, you will learn how to deal with men, acting as police; how to take and charge for orders , how to shut down court cases; long before you get to court ,learn to stand in public vs private; learn to stop those from harming you; learn how they cannot hide from you, with legal titles anymore; as you call them out as man; this is a 3 to 5 week course ,10 to 15 classes with test exams lessons lectures , videos, court audio "they dont want you to hear "learn to court speak and practice this information in a one on one safe environment with me ; can you handle mock court? this rare information is 500.00 usd total which gets you 5 weeks at 2 to 4 hours per week, this will include private live consults twice a week consisting of lectures assignments, and tests, and ends with a final epic exam; these test are not to grade you but to grade me so i know you have a FULL understanding of the material given , you will know how to write notices, and enforce them and learn the power of a jury , learn the difference between a trial by jury ,and a jury trial, learn practical know how, of how to stand at court, if need be, how to shut down cases, before they get to court; how to file and press lawful claims , not legal complaints;how to do your own paper work at courts, and not using their paperwork which diminishes your status as a man,to a plaintiff ; learn how to fight complaints with claims, how to protect your property; how to deal with debt; and how to uphold your rights, as man or woman, because a citizen has no rights, when competed you will know how to teach others this life changing knowledge ,be in complete honor , and know how to enforce your rights ; so to get started please leave 500.00usd payment through paypal at to this email AND then please download zoom cloud meetings on your phone or computer zoom records all calls for you to keep and ill get you into the course this week , please leave me your home number to call you after payment is sent, i, look forward to hearing from you and others
Non-linear energy production solutions - Magnetic waveforms "SERL effect" radial electric currents from natural ambient energy sources and suppressed now emerging energy solutions
Vyola Myst Sound Healing Offerings 0819-1.pdf
2.1 MB
Sound Therapy is so beneficial and scientifically proven and empirically observed time after time to heal the mind, body and spirit. One has had the pleasure of learning from a true sound healing master, Vyola Myst. Attached is her offerings, i highly recommend her services for all especially retreat centers and collective events where healing is a locus. Our Journey Aum 2020 (journey guide will be published at the end of October) will also offer her sound medicine as one of the healing arts included in our esoteric and exoteric journeys in Costa Rica. Aho
The most complete technical research on lyme disease....
Forwarded from v1nny
Lyme Disease by Ali Karami (2012).pdf
8.6 MB
Sat., Nov. 30 at 1:00 p.m. - Mon., Sep. 1 at 2:00 a.m. CST Rancho la Botija / Hotel de Montaña
This course in Spanish is.intended as an introductory course for locals. Please spread the word. It's by donation to make it.available to all who are serious about using sound healing.
The Real Water Baptism

We have had a few from tribe highly recommend this center for cleansing. In one case the type of worms passed during the colon hydrotherapy matched the findings on the biorez scan. If you think parasites are a third world problem that is not true and most people are not even aware that parasites exist to the degree that they do until they get very sick and evenstill pathogenic causes are often overlooked or misdiagnosed. Detoxification from parasites done properly does involves undergoing various processes over a course of months if not years depending upon the parasite load in the field. Flushing the bowels with water is key and this can be found written in the ancient dead sea scrolls...
Did you know that Ashwaganda is a topical anti-venom? Another reason to keep this plant in your garden or in your medicine cabinet.
For those on the consciousness quest, here is a concrete example of just how fair legal authorities can be or should i say be-ligerent. Sovereignty of Consciousness cannot exists within legal systems, they are diametrically opposed period. This is also another reminder that one greatly benefits from knowing the truths of law and the deception of roman curio law, maritime law and other forms of mental slavery. Thanks to Ruhani Retreat Center for posting this on lifelogger - i mean facebook (their symbol is tubal cain, look it up).

Yes i wrote this on purpose in all caps to magnify the spell of the spelling of (s)words to make sentences. As this article explains, deeper gnosis on language can be found in the mind blowing video by Chiron Last (a significant name with meaning ofc) called the Golden Web. So again the question begs...sui juris or not to sui juris (one owns master)

Links to follow...

Golden Web 3 part series, highly recommend:
Zinc - a key trace mineral that many lack especially if you don't eat animal flesh. We find many people are deficient when we scan them with the Bio-Quantum ( Our bodies are minerals in water, an implosive liquid crystal and without minerals the body cannot function without the spark and conductivity (among other functions) of trace minerals or electromagnetic conveyors. It might be the cause of many vegan diet failures as zinc is so essential to so many metabolic and other functions and vegans tend to lack as zinc is not well absorbed in vegetables. Best sources are nuts and seeds, best to soak and blend in a smoothie or dehydrate them with or without seasonings/flavours. Enclosed is a short video on how to make a super tasty and nutritious pesto!

Turn up the volume, its a little low..
A great book, one that i read many years ago and ofcourse it still applies. Highly recommend.
Forwarded from Monica Martelly
Pine Gum Spirits Research
Known as an ancient remedy for parasites, this came highly recommended by several people who had major cleansing breakthrough with candida. Our team has since taken pine gum spirits internally with very good success and thus has been shared with others and now on this channel. It is especially useful for modern day outbreaks of candida, fungus and molds. Higher humidity environments tend to have more molds and fungus that can get into our bodies and cause havoc. If you are in Costa Rica right now, you might want to head north or find drier areas to dry out the body as this is the time of year when parasites grow in these damp conditions.
In the midst of censorship adminstered by machine learning algorithms, it is interesting to flashback to JFKs speech of 1961 about secrecy and secret societies.
OZ-ONE Review:
What better place than telegram to document one's own journey with oxygen, the manifestation of life force. Activated oxygen or ozone, has and is my savior and the answer to many diseases and illnesses as well as helping to remove field distortions such as entity attachments. Having healed from lyme disease with the Enso Parasite Sweeper and other supporting protocols like colon hydrotherapy, my health was moving back into abundance but then i hit a re-occurance of lyme as another tick found its way into my field several years later. There is a deeper esoteric significance to this incident as i would discover that pathogens were field distortions that extended into other lens of consciousness and were causing a greater distortion to the totality of my being. From the time i confirmed that borelia was infecting my body, mind and spirit the synchrognostic state started to come in and i was able to find additional tools, methods and insights from other people that helped me continue on my journey to a new high for once i started incorporating rectal and ear ozone insuffllations then the remaining lower back and joint pain started to diminish to a point now where there is no pain at all. The data on bones suggests it take seven years to replace your bones. That is where the borelia gets into the bones and in my case it was the lower left hip and at the time that i pulled my groin playing hockey several years ago i did not make the connection to borelia until i had the biorez scanner and i was able to see its location and migration. So as time as gone on and my cleansing was allowing more of my consciousness into the vessel as other entities left my field. I have witnessed an exorcism with ozone on a somebody i was sharing ozone with. Greyish white smoke emanating from the crown chakra column and ending up in another room where Palo Santo came in handy. The benefits of ozone cannot be understated. It truly is a multi-dimensional tool that is well atuned to serving the consciousness at this time. All is spirit including ozone and it imparts a wisdom in the synchrognostic state where you gain this gnosis that this cleansing is more than just physical and more than just this life. Ancestral "baggage", traumas and other longer term energetic distortions remain lodged in our fields until we grandly awaken to this truth about our true nature as eternal creators and in divine flow these tools materialize in our lives to provide great healing and support in our return back to ourselves in full in-spirit, in-spired to serve others and ourselves. Thank you to all for your presence and wisdom, the eternal journey is shifting from the fish piscean age of secrets to the aquarian age of gnosis being poured upon us like water. Be like water my friends as Bruce said...