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Del Bigtree and I talked about the important properties of HCQ and Quinine and other tree barks in our interview together on Wednesday. If you are part of the Immunity Summit, please check your email for this interview. If you are not part of the Immunity Summit, please register for free here: (23 episodes!)
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Ice Age Farmer: Corruptifornia and Gruesome Pedo-Newsom are shutting down food production using Covid-19 strike teams. Save Seeds. Grow Your Own Food (11 min 50 seconds)
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WOKE isn't derogatry's how many of us describe that most humbling of eat my humble pie moments when i realized that my entire life and what i was taught was real was a complete Lie...

Its not an arrogant Jibe,
Its humility on steroids...

To edit i was wrong.

We were all fully asleep once
And we're ONLY ever partially Woke...

Here's a great vid to share just in the off chance...that you have any other slightly unWoke friends or family...


YOU NEED an apology from me.

I apologize for all my truth

Kids ...just mask-the-fcuk up!

You fellow unWoken ones...

Your right.

Our children don't deserve a bright future.

They don't deserve a future based in the sweet healing vibes of Love.

Kids deserve all this good wholesome fear mongering.

And besides ...

"It could never happen".

I Love You

And i pray... one can forgive me.
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These people get it!! Video footage of protesters storming CNN. #WWG1WGA #thegreatawakening #killtherealvirus
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Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
This is The Best Candidate that the demoncraps could come up with. (1 min 58 seconds)
Voter fraud yes but also this confiscation could be used to bolster the deceptive narrative for the 'inevitable' adoption of IOT, smart cities and most importantly for those beings acting as technocrats to normalize the use of biometrics and BCIs.