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The World Polio Day annually takes place on October 24th and was established in 1988 by the World Health Organization WHO as a day of action and memorial. In addition, in 2011 the Global Polio Eradication Initiative was launched by private sponsors. Under the leadership of the WHO, which was also founded by private sponsors, its aim is to use 5.5 billion dollars to ensure the eradication of Polio by 2018 through a world¬wide vaccination campaign. The disease Polio or “infantile paralysis” received its name in the 19th century. With the name Poliomyelitis it was aimed to describe a typical inflammation of the spinal nerves, leading to paralysis. In our German broadcast of November 21, 2014 “Polio in Syria – caused by a virus?” we already reported on the following two questions: What causes Polio? And can a vaccination protect against it?
We reported on the research of Dr. Claus Köhnlein, as well as journalist Torsten Engelbrecht. They revealed that Polio epidemics were strongly correlated with the use of highly toxic pesticides in nearby agriculture.
It was possible to prove that the paralysis of the children was caused by these pesticides. However, it was not possible to verify an alleged virus which was possibly causing the paralysis in children, even in more than 100,000 animal testing’s. With each additional Polio-epidemic, there was rather clear evidence that highly toxic pesticides were involved.
In no case did a virus isolation from the Polio affected tissue succeed. According to Dr. Köhnlein, up to this day it was not possible to isolate a Polio virus and thus verify it. It is simply a conjecture or assump¬tion of mainstream-medicine. In the Western world, the number of polio cases decreased drastically after abandoning the highly toxic pesticides. But up to the present day toxic pesticides are extensively used in underdeve¬loped countries like India. According to Dr. Köhnlein, increased Polio cases occur in these countries as a consequence. Although this correlation is well known, in mainstream-medicine vaccinati¬ons are still considered to be the only treatment against Polio. But what are the results of the vaccine campaigns against Polio? Already in 2012 the “Indian Journal of Medical Ethics” published a study with the following results: In 2011, after nationwide oral vaccinations against Polio, there was a total of 47,500 new cases of paralysis in India. The study revealed the direct correlation to the vaccinations: The more frequently the oral vaccination was administered, the more often it resulted in paralysis of children in those areas. Simultaneously many of the children died of paralysis due to the vaccination. Nevertheless, India was declared free of Polio by the overseeing medics. 3.32The children paralyzed and deceased as a result of the vaccination were simply declared as non-Polio-diseases. The fact that Polio vaccines caused paralysis or death to about 47,500 Indian children was thus concea¬led and not further investigated. A similar observation was taken in the bordering country Pakistan. A governmental investigation showed that Polio vaccines caused death and disabilities in infants. It is estimated that in Pakistan the WHO Polio-vaccination-program caused death to 10,000 children, several more thousands were paralyzed. For this year’s International day of Polio it should be noted: The identification of Polio as a virus has not yet been isolated or proven. Nevertheless, worldwide vaccination campaigns are being promoted by the WHO. It has been verified that up to this day tens of thousands of children were damaged respectively even killed, not to mention the number of unreported incidents. If the worldwide vaccination campaign against Polio directed by the WHO is not stopped and the true causes of Polio tackled, the consequences will remain devastating, according to well-established studies. Instead of a sustaining health of the civilization the aim to eradicate Polio leads to a massive weakening of the concerned countries through illness and extermination of their children. The questions remain open, who will call …

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– Buch Virus-Wahn, von Claus Köhnlein und Torsten Engelbrecht

– Buch Die Impf-Illusion, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Roman Bystrianyk

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