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Welcome back to Open Your Reality. This is part 2.

In this video I am going to explain What No One Tells You About Simulation Theory. The simulation argument is so misunderstood when looked at from a grander perspective. Just what is simulation theory. Why is the world simulated? And how does a simulated universe work?

These are the questions we are going to explore here. You might be asking yourself, are we simulated? The answer is yes. The simulation hypothesis was first proposed by Nick Bostrom and then further modified by Tom Campbell.

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Anyway, we left off talking about how our consciousness operates inside the simulation. I think more detail is warranted.
So, the entire simulation we live in, including everything we see, all the dimensions and realities, and consciousness itself – yes even consciousness – is part of the simulation.

The creator of all this is outside of the simulation, so from a scientific perspective, we have no definitive answer for what lies outside of it. That is because by nature, we cannot exist outside the simulation.

A virtual, simulated character cannot step outside the video game into our world. We are beholden to the same fate. All we know is that a creator made our simulation. That creator could be a terrestrial being, what we think of as god, or even another computer, meaning we’re nested. I talked about this in part 1.

So one of the questions often asked about our world is, where do all the new souls come from? How is consciousness created? Simulation theory can answers that fairly easily. Tom Campbell has said that the creator only need copy and paste to create new individuated units of consciousness. Afterall, we’re just lines of code in a computer. I know you don’t like to think of yourself that way, but, well, that’s part of the theory.

The creator made us so that each individuated unit of consciousness will be slightly different, just as no two people are identical. The individuated unit of consciousness can be thought of as our higher self and is currently in a virtual reality frame other than ours.

I personally call it the afterlife, because that’s when and where we’ll reconnect with it. Remember, all of these reality frames happen in the simulation, inside a computer, everything in it is only information.

When we were first created by the system, or as Tom Campbell calls the entire simulation, the larger consciousness system, we existed in a place where there were no consequences. Tom likened this situation to a large chat room where there were no consequences for our interactions.

But being there were no consequences, there was very little growth. The system saw this and decided to create a solution that would help us achieve growth much faster.

So the larger consciousness system, or LCS, decided to create realities where we could inhabit – like our universe. But the catch was we’d have to break off a piece of our selves and send it into the chosen reality where it would inhabit a body.

Before this could happen though, the LCS had to create a reality with conditions that could support life. Tom believes the LCS went through many renditions of our universe before it got to to ours. It probably did the same for countless other universes that also currently exist within the simulation.

The predecessors of our universe, of which there could have been thousands or millions, failed to produce conditions hospitable for life, even though, again, it’s all virtual.

Every time a universe failed to produce the conditions for life, it was simply deleted from the LCS, and a new one with slightly tweaked variables began again. Ultimately ours was created and the LCS had finally gotten the ruleset of physics correct.

Once life began forming and flourishing in our universe, the LCS allowed us to log on. We basically agreed to place our consciousness into these human avatars we all have. By doing so we could fully immerse ourselves in this reality, completely forgetting about our higher self and what we really are. As a result, we began to believe this universe is all there is and we identified with our body.

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