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Beyond 2012–A Handbook for the New Era:



Music in the video:
Intro: Damiano Baldoni: “A Ghra”
Outro: Scott Holmes: “Together we Stand”


1. You’ve said, “Souls were created by the Queen for this reason (energy abled to operate in the KHAA)”. But what was the Queen’s main purpose or function for having these entities operate in the KHAA??? To purposely create negative polarity/duality? I mean if that is the case, I understand the logic but that is strange to think pre-meditated creation of something “negative” is not an act of a “DIVINE” entity?

2. … by not having “Spirit”, does that mean these Spirit-less entities will never be able to TRULY reunify with SOURCE, much like the ANIMUS [referring to AI] for instance? Seems sad to me if this is the case and I can see why they resort to such measures for control/conquest since they were not gifted FREE-WILL?

3. We struggle with a sense of suffocating within the Patrix. We, on the forum, are largely awake to our experience of the breath being a natural, transcendent constant in the human/spirit experience. What can we arrive at, on this forum, to address the magnificent gift of the breath and its practice while we are in these meat suits? Americans don’t breathe [correctly]!!!!

4. Any ideas or suggestions on how a person can visit their fears w/o feeding the existing fear-based thought form[s]?

5. Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Do you have an opinion on the power that sound frequencies possess, and how do they fit in with the earth construct? Can we utilise sound waves to empower and heal or are they just another part of the trap? If they are a good thing, worth exploring, can you perhaps recommend a reliable source of information to research further?

6. How can you tell who is Namlu’u? It’s pretty easy to tell who is the ‘elite’, but everyone else seems to just fall into the big ‘enslaved’ group. What distinguishing characteristics, if any, do God spirited beings have?

7. When one does psychedelics (mushrooms, peyote, etc.), what is one connecting with? And what ultimately are the advantages AND disadvantages of these substances?

8. In one of your videos you mentioned that The Great Flood of approximately 13,000 years ago was initiated by Orion (The Queen) to destroy/set back’s Patrix (which caused a major setback). Why can’t this be done again as we approach the Singularity?

9. Is there any chance we can save the Living Library here on Earth? I do not want this planet destroyed. When we exit the grid, can we still work towards helping humankind in some way? Then possibly, incarnate here again into human bodies, once the AIF are no longer here, and humans have sovereignty over the planet.

10. In one of your Q and A video series you mention that (Lucifer) is residing in the Abzu but which Abzu are you referring to, the one on Earth or The Void (KHAA)?

11. In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), the “Third Level of Learning,” you wrote and relayed about The Thubans (The Alpha Draconians) residing in the 12th Dimension which according to they’re model is the last Dimension in the Void, where Dimensions 1-8 is the physical Universe. They say that they are in charge of “The Harvest” and will see to that it happens because we humans called for them (our future selves). Will this “Thuban Council” appear openly to humans in the future? Will the Earth (Gaia) drastically change by them? What is the biggest reason why we should not trust them?

12. Do all the exercises and suggestions in [the] BEYOND 2012 HANDBOOK and in one of the Levels soulutions still apply to us in 2019, and are they still current, applicable to today?

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