Posted 8 months ago

This reminance

Of the infinite birth of everything

That forms within

I feel it. Deep within my soul.

Beyond time.
Beyond this moment.

Fleeting chances
we miss the mark
Our flawed humanness in the way

sometimes there is nothing left but to observe

and see the fragile joy that is within

faltering against the winds of life
of all that we navigate

and all that shapes us
to what holds us
from embracing our truth

one day we will get out of the way

and flow
be in the center of it
looking out through it
seeing the awe of it
sailing though with grace

cosmic pirates charging through the storm

with a smile on our face

laughing at the waves thrown at us

knowing that we can move through

in the eye of the hurricane of all that is
we rise
become the tempest
integrate the chaos
until it becomes us

riding the waves without fear of pain

because it is that pain that makes us


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