Posted 7 months ago

The Ozo-Pod 50 can ozonate up to 50L of water, in troughs, buckets, bathtubs, and more.

The Ozo-Pod® 50 ozone generator, also known as “The Tank Keeper,” is an in-situ industrial option designed to sanitize tap water in larger amounts than the Ozo-Pod® 10. It’s proven to be popular with our customers for ozonating bath water without an overpowering ozone smell.

The Ozo-Pod® 50 introduces ozone into the water via nearly microscopic bubbles, using oxygen in the water itself to create the ozone. Because of this, there’s no need for tubing, air pumps, or airstones, and much less ozone escapes into the air. You don’t have to be concerned about breathing in large amounts, and can be sure the ozone stays in the water to do its job. Once the ozone converts back to oxygen, you’re left with oxygen-rich water that can be very helpful in aquaculture and similar situations.

This is a versatile option that is simple to operate, and can be used with hot or cold water.

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