We offer guided holistic adventure journeys in pristine natural environments overflowing with resonant pure Gaia vibrations. These journeys will take you deep into nature and yourself. The journey begins with a multi-dimensional vessel analysis. What? We will use a combination of diagnoses to create an inception point for your journey. Based on this chart, we will design a unique journey for you with the intention to assist you in reconnecting with the source. Adventure challenges and energetic practices will prepare you for the final frontier of your journey of revelation.

Pura Vida Gaia!

Our foundational journey finds us in the vibrant pure energy of the Costa Rican rainforest. Home to macaws, toucans, monkeys and other iconic wildlife, this jungle has a very powerful balancing effect on the intensive and fast modern day lifestyle that frequently manifests as stress, depression or other fear based emotions. The initial stages of this journey emphasize body and mind health – internal cleanses, bioresonance, clinical body work, sound baths, meditation, breathwork, human design and other processes. In preparation for exploration of consciousness, we harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

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