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Varginha UFO Alien incident. It’s not everyday you get to see a photo of an extraterrestrial Alien, let alone a picture that actually resembles legitimate evidence. If not an elaborate hoax, this Alien (ET) image may go down as one of the most convincing Alien photos ever captured. This photo was captured by a couple from an undisclosed location and was posted by a Reddit user by the name MeTarzanYouJane claiming that he had gotten this set of images from an older couple. We did some analysis on the image, and it does not appear to be faked, at least so far. Going further with the image analysis, we discuss the details surrounding the Alien being itself, such as the red eyes, the three toed feet, and the horns. Could these features relate to Gods, the deities depicted in the Sumerian and Babylonian times? We think so. Alien pictures are nebulous at best when it comes to credibility. This image, however has really caught our eyes; it seems to evoke high strangeness. Not to mention that the extraterrestrial or Alien-like figure in question seems resemble other Alien type beings previously witnessed and reported by normal bystanders. In Varginha, Brazil (Minas De Gerais) an Alien being was reported by local townspeople. The sightings had even evoked three girls to say that they saw the devil. The Alien being was said to have horns, red glowing eyes, and a big elongated skull, with a possible beak or small toothy mouth. To add to the mystery, there was a Brazilian MP who lost his life to a mysterious ailment, to which the doctor in charge of the aftermentioned patient confessed in a Brazilian UFOlogy publication that indeed the young departed man was likely contaminated by an Alien being. Seeking ET (Extra Terrestrial) disclosure for 2018. Aliens are not just a figment of our imaginations, rather a much deeper history humanity has yet to fully acknowledge.

Published on Oct 22, 2018

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