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Back with two new drawings 🙂 I was bored with drawing celebrities for many years so I wanted to challenge myself with doing two portraits at once with two of my favourite artists Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. I never tried drawing with both hands before and I didn’t practice it before I began, I just tried it and see if I could do it so it’s not perfect. I could have spend much more time on it to make it better but I already spend a lot of time on it. Some parts I have done without camera because it took so long and I needed to see it closely. I will upload soon another video that I made with my other camera from another point of view.
This is also my first try with Caran D’ache illuminance pencils and of course the first time drawing with both hands… so next time can only be better

And it was not only drawing with both hands but also at the same time listening to audiobooks, cuddling with my cats, trying to prevent my cats from jumping on my drawing table, checking/answering my messages and constantly checking if both of my cameras are still filming

I filmed it from two sides so you can expect the other video next week 🙂

Materials used:
Faber Castell Pencils
Caran d’ache pencils
Kneaded eraser
Pencil eraser
250 grams paper

Deviant Art:

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