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Removing The Virus from The God Matrix : George Kavassilas 2019
Posted 5 months ago

Long time friend and fellow traveler, George Kavassilas re-joins Chris and Sheree Geo on Beyond The Veil to discuss Removing The Virus from The God Matrix. We discuss consciousness, Ayahuasca in [...]

full spectrum humans galactic history, origins of technology and AI
Posted 6 months ago

this is a combined level 1&2 presentation, about the origins of the genetic degradation we've experienced on this planet (and elsewhere) please visit the links below in order to enroll in the [...]

Has a real ET Alien been photographed?
Posted 6 months ago

Varginha UFO Alien incident. It’s not everyday you get to see a photo of an extraterrestrial Alien, let alone a picture that actually resembles legitimate evidence. If not an elaborate hoax, this [...]

Return of Our Binary Star, TImeline, Linking, Ancient Knowledge & Prophecies Around the World
Posted 7 months ago

Ancient Prophecies, Lost Teachings, Uncovering Sacred Wisdom from Ancient Prophecies & Lost Teachings with Sheldon Moore. Author of Zen Awaken Buddha Nature Within [...]

Successful People Know How To Use It!” | Grand Master Mantak Chia
Posted 7 months ago

"Masters Of CHI Are Doing This Everyday!" Grand Master Mantak Chia ►If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp - [...]

Resetting The Matrix – Ayahuasca In The Great Pyramid
Posted 8 months ago

- Trailer - For the link to the full film, please visit: http://resettingthematrix.com Beyond The Veil Published on Sep 7, 2018

The 13th Dimension and the Great Pyramid Technology explained – Beyond The Veil Quickie
Posted 8 months ago

Beyond The Veil Published on Sep 3, 2018 Chris Geo breaks down the 13th dimension and the interdenominational purpose of the Great Pyramid.

Ozone Therapy Benefits
Posted 10 months ago

#1 Rated Ozone Generator: https://goo.gl/2XahbW *Economical Generator*: http://www.promolife.com/o3elite-sing... *Best Ozone Oils*: http://amzn.to/2cUWtzB *Best Oxygen Concentrators and [...]

Laura Eisenhower: Repelling Dark Alien Tech, Saturn Hexagon, Satanic Rituals & Pedophilia
Posted 10 months ago

Laura Eisenhower shares her insights on how dark technology is being used against us and how we can over power it, what is the meaning behind Saturn, and satanic elements that are rampant in [...]

DEEP STATE wants Ancient ALIENS from Antarctica to be your new God | Dr. Michael Salla 2018
Posted 10 months ago

Edge of Wonder Published on Jun 19, 2018 Who are the Deep State and are they really hiding ancient beings in Antarctica? Join Ben N Rob as we present our 3rd and final interview with Dr. Michael [...]

Proof Of God: The Nature of the Single Digit Code & The Mathematical Matrix
Posted 10 months ago

This video is the first in what would become scores of video that I've made on this topic. This video is just the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to the splendor and symmetry of our living [...]

Bamboo Building Practicum – Fruitfest Costa Rica 2018
Posted 10 months ago

A short video highlighting the practicum build for the bamboo building course and construction of infra structure for the Fruit Fest at the Home farm in Costa Rica.

Ryan The wellness warrior
Posted 10 months ago

Ryan McKenna health coach, detox expert, nutritional chef and musician leading the integrated soul detox retreat in Costa Rica. A week long dive into deep personal cleansing, realignment and expansion.

The Pulse of Creation: Fibonacci & The Single Digit Code
Posted 10 months ago

Subtitled The 72 Immortals, this fractal construct shows how the Fibonacci sequence produces powerful and distinct codes that shape every aspect of our world.

Posted 10 months ago

This video is an introduction to a new Mini Series in development and production entitled “Deception Reloaded” with a focus on A.I. codes decryption. New insights will reveal how both mainstream [...]
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