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Atlantean Gardens – Atlantis, Inner Earth – ROBERT SEPEHR
Posted 10 months ago

Robert Sepehr presentations on ancient history, archeology, genetics, astrotheology and mythology, 3 hours, http://amazon.com/Robert-Sepehr/e/B00...

Proof Of God: The Nature of the Single Digit Code & The Mathematical Matrix
Posted 10 months ago

This video is the first in what would become scores of video that I've made on this topic. This video is just the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to the splendor and symmetry of our living [...]

The Pulse of Creation: Fibonacci & The Single Digit Code
Posted 10 months ago

Subtitled The 72 Immortals, this fractal construct shows how the Fibonacci sequence produces powerful and distinct codes that shape every aspect of our world.

The Science Behind BioResonance Scanning™ – Dr. David Jernigan, Hansa Center for Optimum Health
Posted 10 months ago

Dr. Jernigan of Hansa Center for Optimum Health presents an in-depth discussion on the science behind BioResonance Scanning™. www.hansacenter.com Follow: Twitter - @davidjernigan FB - [...]