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Leona Eco Lodge, Corcovado , Costa Rica
Posted 5 months ago

La Leona Eco Lodge has a unique location by been next to Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica , it is also in the rainforest and stretches along the beach of the Pacific Ocean with spectacular [...]

Playing in Nature in Costa Rica
Posted 6 months ago

An enlightened being plays with the universe like a child plays with toys...Remember the inner child... Playa Ventana, Costa Rica

Rama Organica Retreat Center in Costa Rica
Posted 6 months ago

A short introductory video for Rama Organica, a new retreat center in the diamante valley, southern zone of Costa Rica.

Paragliding Adventures in Costa Rica
Posted 6 months ago

A little inspiration, a unique way to fly, a pristine wonder of nature - join us in Dominical, Costa Rica!

Ryan The wellness warrior
Posted 6 months ago

Ryan McKenna health coach, detox expert, nutritional chef and musician leading the integrated soul detox retreat in Costa Rica. A week long dive into deep personal cleansing, realignment and expansion.

Holistic Adventure Journeys in Costa Rica
Posted 6 months ago

We offer guided holistic adventure journeys in pristine natural environments overflowing with resonant pure Gaia vibrations. These journeys will take you deep into nature and yourself. The [...]