Energy cultivation practices through movement and flow are essential for establishing higher energetic states within the body and mind.  When combined with ancient and modern breathing techniques, a synchronization and emergence of heightened ability are witnessed by the being.

Structural Integrity

Yoga is an integral part of the expansion process as it unlocks energy pathways as well as creates ease of flow of energy.  The practice of conscious breathing in set sequences and patterns acts on the body systems and mind in deep and profound ways.  Spiritual practice are often beyond the conception of the physical world or its perceptions.

Wim Hoff Breathing Technique

Scientifically proven breathing techniques that raise ATP, oxygen saturation, intra-cellular pressure and most importantly assist in reseting the autonomous or limbic system.  This is our reptilian core brain where we store traumas.

Timeless Qigong

A master art of energy and form.  A holistic and complete system of energy field balancing and implosion.