Oxygen for Detox and Regeneration

 bio-oxidative supported self healing

Exposing the body to concentrated oxygen
initiates deep self healing

Oxygen is the very essence of life force in third density

and a lack thereof is the main cause

and reason for performing below your potential

Oxygen is delivered to the body in the form of ozone,

hydrogen peroxide, magnesium oxide, chlorine dioxide

and breath work practice

Re-connect with Nature for more Oxygen

The atmospheric level of O2 is low leading to unhealthy body states


Sub-optimal levels of O2 can lead to depression, fatigue and low vibration 


Immersion in pristine nature especially forests will help increase O2


Additional benefits include the energy potential raising vibes of infra-red and telluric

Bio-oxidative modalities are relatively non-invasive, painless and provide the body the main tool for cleansing and regeneration. It’s even safe for pregnant women and children.