An Optimal Way to Advance Consciousness

Guided Holistic Adventure Journeys


Pristine natural environments overflowing with resonant pure Gaia vibrations


These journeys will take you deep into nature and yourself

The Gateless Gate to the S E L F

The journey begins with a multi-dimensional vessel analysis. What? We will use a combination of diagnoses to create an inception point for your journey.

We will recommend a unique journey for you to go beyond the veil and reconnect with your source essence. Adventures in nature and energetic intuitive practices will prepare you for the final frontier of your journey of revelation.


GNO thyself


GENERATE the GOD within


ATTAIN supreme balance


DISCOVER dormant abilities


ACTIVATE higher consciousness


HARMONIZE inner alchemy


WANDERLUST in nature


REMEMBER who you are

Threshold of Self and No Self

One of the most important of these facets is the journey for and towards the true nature of existence. As you learn the true nature of existence, any deceptions, fear or negativity will fall away.

This is a journey within.

This is a journey without.

This is a journey of a lifetime.

This is a journey beyond time and space.

This is a journey beyond this life.

Gnosis in Nature

These truths have been held in secret for many reasons. Shifting into truth is an exciting experience for the collective consciousness as it expands and grows in awareness.  It is time to catalyze these shifts of energy, awareness and vibration. Bring yourself to holiness and wholeness. The ultimate truths are immeasurable and can only be experienced.  Join us as we bring forth heaven on earth.