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The majority of our external resources of information are broadcast on behalf of a relatively small group of families and individuals with the intent of shaping the consciousness of everyone to resonate with their aspirations for their existence.

Our aim is to materialize the ideas, inspirations and missions of conscious beings through the use of digital artistry and social networking.

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Recent Projects
A quick overview of the Green Reef Wellness Center in Costa Rica. Visit for more [...]
We offer guided holistic adventure journeys in pristine natural environments overflowing with resonant pure Gaia vibrations. These journeys will take you deep into nature and yourself. The journey begins with a multi-dimensional vessel analysis. What? We will use a combination of diagnoses to create an inception point for your journey. Based on this chart, we will design a unique journey for you with the intention to assist you in reconnecting with the source. Adventure challenges and energetic practices will prepare you for the final frontier of your journey of revelation. Pura Vida Gaia! Our foundational journey finds us in the vibrant pure energy of the Costa Rican rainforest. Home to macaws, toucans, monkeys and other iconic wildlife, this jungle has a very powerful balancing effect on the intensive and fast modern day lifestyle that frequently manifests as stress, depression or other fear based emotions. The initial stages of this journey emphasize body and mind health - internal cleanses, bioresonance, clinical body work, sound baths, meditation, breathwork, human design and other processes. In preparation for exploration of consciousness, we harmonize the body, mind and [...]
Palo Santo means Holy Tree in Spanish. It is a mystical and highly revered tree known for its medicinal properties. The sacred wood essence is smudged in ceremonies to cleanse and protect souls prior to their journeys within and [...]
A short video documenting the use of the IonicTox Foot [...]
Sustainable bamboo building course at finca morpho in the osa peninsula costa rica. Video by me Ronan Harvey. Course organised and led by trey abernethy and check out Costa Rica Fruit [...]
Ryan McKenna health coach, detox expert, nutritional chef and musician leading the integrated soul detox retreat in Costa Rica. A week long dive into deep personal cleansing, realignment and [...]
A little inspiration, a unique way to fly, a pristine wonder of nature - join us in Dominical, Costa [...]
A short video highlighting the practicum build for the bamboo building course and construction of infra structure for the Fruit Fest at the Home farm in Costa [...]
A short introductory video for Rama Organica, a new retreat center in the diamante valley, southern zone of Costa [...]
An enlightened being plays with the universe like a child plays with toys...Remember the inner child... Playa Ventana, Costa [...]
The Awakening: A Shamanic Experience is a visual and sonic journey lead by Shaman Omar (bio below). Utilizing years in the jungle and a lifetime of mysticism, Shaman Omar combines ancient shamanic technology such as flutes, drums, and icaros,mantras, etc with stunning 4k visual imagery to take guests on a truly powerful and inspirational journey... Within. This video was shot at SXSW in Austin Texas March of 2018. Multi-city dates being announced. To support, organize, or host this experience or one of Shaman Omar's various workshops contact information is below. Bio Shaman Omar is a Mystic, Shaman, Ayahuasquero, Teacher and Activist. He delivers a clear bridge between the ancient shamanic wisdom of our ancestors with the understanding of the "modern" day. Shaman Omar has led nearly 10,000 soul seekers through shamanic ceremonies that have allowed them to connect with the divine. Widely considered to be one of the most talented Shamanic Flutist in the world, Omar has lead some of the largest mass meditations in Miami with his powerful music. He recently released his shamanic flute meditation album “The Awakening: A Shamanic Journey” available now in iTunes. A gifted speaker, he has a unique ability to explain the most complex of spiritual concepts and extract the most ancient of understandings into one concise and centered point making him relatable to everyone. He draws from a vast ocean of wisdom and captivates those in attendance with his unparalleled knowledge. Known as “The Urban Shaman”, he teaches his workshops at the leading conscious event centers and studios in NYC, LA, Miami, and across America on a weekly basis. In addition to leading Shamanic Breath and Meditation workshops he also speaks on various subjects to Corporations, Organizations, and private events. He is also the Director of Speakers at the Universal TheoGnostic Society, an International Non-Profit Civil Society dedicated to Shamanic Mysticism. Social media: @ShamanOmar Album Link: Mass Meditation | Earth Day 2017 | Miami #sxsw #sxsw2018 #shamanomar #theurbanshaman #mystic #shaman #ayahuasquero #theawakening #theawakeninglive #theognosis #flutemeditation #shamanicmeditation #icaros [...]
For Earth Day 2017 Brickell City Centre and Modern Om partnered to bring nearly 1,000 Miami citizens together to unite in honor of our earth. To connect us in our one universal language of vibration, Organizers of this event Modern Om Creator Myk Likhov brought Omar Ahmadzai, one of the most powerful native and shamanic flutist in the world. Known as "The Urban Shaman" Omar is one the most recognizable teachers in Miami. He teaches Shamanic Breath and Meditation workshops around the world and is the resident shamanic practitioner at The Sacred Space Miami, the largest Conscious Event Center in America. He has recently released a Shamanic Flute Meditation Album entitled "The Awakening: A Shamanic Journey" available Now on iTunes [...]