Bioplasm Health Analyzer NLS


The Bioplasm Health Analyzer is principally based upon the electromagnetism research and discoveries of Nikola Tesla.  George Lakhovsky’s studies on the effects of radio waves on animal and plant life directly contributed to the development of this technology. Royal Rife took it to another level with his research on electromagnetism and the human body. He helped pioneered the new era of bio-electromagnetic therapy. His work is fundamental to the development of this technology known as Non-Linear Analysis System (NLS).  Later discoveries and application of the principles of resonance by R. Voll and Kirlian helped solidify the validity of this new era of energetic medicine.
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This device is essentially a frequency analyzer.  It generates and receives frequencies.  Depending upon the response, the system can determine detailed information about your health and assist you to recalibrate to healthy frequencies which can initiate self healing of overlooked or disconnected parts of your body and mind.

  • Brand: Singularity (original not a knock-off)

  • Software Version: Latest Professional Edition

  • Required OS : Win7/Win8/Win10(32/64-bits)/Mac

  • Device Dimensions: 16x18x13cm

  • Language: English, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Dutch, Hungarian, Malay, Japanese, Greek, Bulgarian, Chinese

  • Delivery Time: 2 to 5 days upon receipt of payment

  • Delivery Method: DHL Courier Worldwide Service

  • Price includes shipping but does not include local taxes and destination charges

  • Warranty: 3 years

Please download the user manual and watch the demo video (below) for more information. For those who are skeptical or unsure, there are other documents below as well that get into the science, studies and the history of this game changing technology.



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