aquatic exploration

build inner and outer core strength

Come see why Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport across the world!

Take in the natural views while playing and relaxing on a SUP board. Interact with nature as you strengthen your body and increase your mental wellbeing! The best part is that it is so much fun!

Not only is SUP fun and perfect for your entire family (anyone can do it), but SUP also has huge benefits for you.

A total workout, SUP engages your entire body and mind.

  • low impact, full body cardiovascular workout

  • tones and strengthens core muscles

  • targets arms, abs and thighs all at once

  • improves balance, co-ordination and proprioception

  • builds confidence in and out of the water

  • improves body and breath awareness

  • helps relieve stress and tension

Connect your body-mind:

You will learn to regulate your breathing with your paddle strokes as well as flow through movements with your breath!

This will allow tension in the body-mind to let go offering greater ease of movement and overall relaxation! 

  • Lesson will consist of on-land warm-up followed by on-water lesson and

  • paddle along the river or shoreline.

  • Participants will learn basic SUP skills, safety and knowledge as well as information regarding wild life and plants along the way. After 1 hour, we sit on our boards on the water in shade, to rest and partake in a guided meditation.

  • The lesson will end will some fun games and challenges followed by a break on-land to relax and enjoy some fresh fruit and coconut water.

  • After the break, participants will leave there paddles on shore and connect there SUP boards to the floating line that will secure all of the participant (between two anchor points) while they partake in a SUP yoga class.

Option one

Four hour long tour that starts on river Baru and makes its way down river to rest area and SUP yoga location

Option two

Four hour long tour starting close to Playa Tortuga in Ojochal. The journey heads south towards the mangroves where a rare and extremely important ecosystem exists.

SUP Yoga I – Intro class

SUP Yoga is a combination of Stand Up Paddling and Yoga. The emphasis on breathing, balance and core engagement is a wonderful addition to the yoga and the SUP experience. The peacefulness of floating on the water combined with the meditative nature of yoga creates an overall blissful feeling that you will surely have you coming back for more.

In this class you will be provided with some basic skills and knowledge to safely get on the water with your SUP board and then into your body with a fun all level yoga practice.

Recommended for individuals new to SUP. Prerequisite to SUP Yoga II


Connect with your body and mind in this all levels SUP yoga class. Our amazing instructor’s places heavy emphasis on your breathe through the entire experience helping you let go of tension and become completely present in body and mind. Bring awareness to your body as you tone, strengthen, stretch, promote balance, and gain better understanding of your alignment and weight distribution. For those who already practice yoga, you will deepen your practice by getting out of the studio and onto the “moving mat”.

SUP Bootcamp

Overcome the boredom of a regular gym routine and grow physically and mentally while having fun outside on the water. SUP Bootcamps will provide you with an invigorating and challenging full body workout by combining paddle boarding with Calisthenics, Yoga and Pilates.  A fun, low impact class using simple but high intensity moves. The classes are appropriate, challenging and fun for all levels of fitness. All participants are closely monitored to ensure proper form, intensity and breathing to promote safe and effective training.