Comprehensive Report
- in depth corollary

This service is ideal for any known or unknown conditions or imbalances in the mind, body or spirit. This field analysis is especially useful where long term conditions have not been resolved.

  Non Invasive - Safe and easy

  Specific - in strength and location of conditions

  Parasites - Primary tool for pathogen identification

  Pathomorphology - Conditions and their causes


Please follow the links below for examples of the two reports you will receive:

Bio-Scan-Results-Sample, 2.7 MB

BioQuantumReport-Sample, 681 KB

Field Distortions and Etalons

The devices measure frequencies and compares them to a dataset of frequencies known as etalons.  They correspond to various topics including pathomorphology, nosological forms and of most use, helminths and microbiological organisms.

Parasites Silent Stealer

The prime and beneficial use of this scan is to check for parasites.  The majority of people have a number of parasites that are the cause of many disorders, diseases and discomforts. Most people are unaware that there are such distortions in their field nor that they cause disease.

Nutrition, Toxins and System Functions

The Bio-Quantum device will yield a data heavy report containing your levels of vitamins, minerals, toxins, heavy metals, ph, hydration, functional indicators and much more.



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