Some words on limitation and abundance within the necessary limitation of duality experience...

We do not honor the acceptance of dollars and other Fiat systems of slavery and we only do so out of custom within the system we come into to share and learn. The intention already in motion in many parts of this whirled world is regenerative collaborative communities in harmony with all that is. Our project is connected with many in Costa Rica and other regions. One of these such projects is Brave Earth Regenerative Community. This is an emergent model that will be one of many solutions founded in common wisdom to the current paradox many face knowing the deceptions of this reality yet bound by limitation manifest on a multidimensional multi causal plane. Meaning, where you are in relation to this realm. It's difficult to explain in short writings in coded language for there does not exist many modern ways of describing the current return of gnosis during this particular cycle of the spiral of this hologram. Those ready can harmonize energies and resonate with the vibe of the source. This will interfere and eventually cancel the bad music and the Trojan horses this earth realm has been experiencing for a long time when considering linear time. We acknowledge that real limitation is the initiator of this material and other planes of existence.  This potential awareness is not aware of these planes of existence. The limitation most find themselves within is self imposed as a result of be-lie-ving and reflecting the vibration around them - the ego.  It is self serving to slay the dragon and embrace the ego, being aware of your environment and epigenetics while going within as abundance is an inside job... *these are raw, unscripted flows of awareness, please ignore nor judge any stated grammatical, spelling or errors in technicality.  The intent is to incite inspiration, creativity and will to assist as we raise the vibe collectively and )shake off old fear manifest in many ways we see in our world at current.



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