Emerging events on the cosmic scale are amping up as US gov is in the bombshell phase of releasing the truth on extraterrestrial contact and disclosure is underway. So important to keep the inner world harmonized and witness the polarities of duality separate even further before they come back together on a macroscopic time scale within the earth realm. The fifth root race is almost complete and six has all to do with machines and high tech hive minds so the prophecy or script for our enjoyment of the game or experience is amping up as the whole game unfolds into higher levels of experience where our consiousness continues to be challenged by dark forces and sinister plans. I mean without a higher awareness perspective the world around us can seem either awful or super amazing depending on your awareness, both equally molded by the three sisters (cfr, bilderberg, trilateral). We continue stoking the fire of consciousness in gnosis that we are the creators and possess the power to change our perspective as well as dormant super powers seemingly impossible in this realm such as consciously cultivating, moving and transmuting chi to serve us in many ways in the physical realm. We have great teachers, monks and today Wim Hoff who have scientifically demonstrated these abilities to overcome normal limits of human ability in third (heavy) density. These are mere parlor tricks to overcome deep programming of the limits we appear to have. For if we can sit in ice for hours and not freeze then what else can we do? I feel like my path is two-fold in that im here to point other beings to these truths and hence freedom meanwhile ensure that i dont fall into physicality completely which i did in past lives and now its the return of gnosis. The wings in the ssj logo are wings of gnosis. Its interesting that the Egyptian sun disk of which the wings are inspired by, are a symbol of protection from the grey aliens that those from kemet knew about, carved them and help to see that they have been a real problem for us for a very long time.



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