Nature - Original and Ancient Gnosis

The technological age brings with it imbalances and distortions to our energy fields.  A return to our foundation and the source of our physical existence is essential to the multi dimensional advancement of consciousness.


  Our mission is to reconnect with nature

  Our goal is to advance consciousness

  Our vision is a symbiosis with nature as many ancient civilizations did especially kemet

Our Circle - Dedicated and Adventurous Souls

Jonathan MacCaul


For as long as Jonathan remembers, he has always had a strong awareness of ‘Self’ and the mind-body-spirit connection. A Martial Artist with over 20 years of experience training, competing and teaching, Jonathan recognizes the importance of self care. “It’s all about longevity and I intend to be able to move & play until my last breath”. In 2009, Jonathan was first introduced to Yoga while attending St. Lawrence College for Fitness & Health promotion. Yoga was the balance that Jonathan had been seeking and January 1st, 2012 he travelled to India to complete a 250hr course in Yogic Education at Yoga Vidya Gurukul. Since then, he has continually been studying, practicing & teaching, breathing, movement, self-care, and meditation as a certified yoga instructor and fitness & wellness professional. To further support his desired lifestyle, Jonathan began focusing his martial arts training on Systema (Russian Martial Art), which is more of a holistic way of life. Systema teaches principles (as opposed to techniques) pertaining to breathing, posture, movement and relaxation. Since 2013, Jonathan has been integrating Systema into his yoga classes, personal and group training, Thai massage & body-work sessions as well as Stand-up paddle boarding classes. “Systema offers pragmatic tools for helping people become mindful and relaxed in every waking moment”. Prior to arriving full-time in Costa Rica December 2017, Jonathan was accredited a full instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev (SystemaHQ, Toronto, Canada). In 2015, Jonathan became certified in Thai Yoga Massage and this has allowed him to offer his yoga classes and personal clients even greater hands-on support and harmonizing. It is Jonathan’s passion to help others become strong and balanced in mind & body through improving internal conscious connections and therefore deeper states of continual relaxation Jonathan is a skilled holistic wellness professional who meets people where they are at, in the moment. He is committed to helping others raise their vibrational frequency so that they too can become happy and free to live life to the fullest!

thai massage
systema martial arts

Pablo Lucero


Pablo emanates a down-to-earth, grounding energy that speaks to realizing yourself, to serve. His creative artistry and poetry inspires curiosity about our space within. His teachings illuminate alignment and inner strength allowing a functional approach to poses, offering a hearty mix of Anusara, Vinyasa Yoga and Functional Movement with surprising degree of personal attention to large groups. “I am constantly exploring all aspects of self-discovery to impact and elevate the world. My mission is to design, offer and celebrate physical, mental and spiritual evolution. We are infinite conscious in motion.” At the impressionable age of 18 Pablo Lucero discovered meditation and shortly thereafter found the practice of Yoga. With over 8 years of teaching, Pablo has refined the art of making the ancient practice of Yoga accessible to all. He implements cutting-edge methodology based on his studies of Biomechanics & Functional Movement. He leads workshops, conferences, memorable Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings Certifications locally and internationally.

Wellness Guide

Seth Back

Massage Therapist

Seth is a licensed massage therapist and instructor practicing an array of modalities to alleviate pain and dysfunction allowing enjoyment of the most epic adventures Costa Rica has to offer. Seth specializes and teaches the rich therapeutic technique which is a patented protocol implementing neuromuscular soft tissue manipulation correcting postural and alignment dysfunction. During his visits to Dr. Black's clinic, Seth learned many modalities including applied kinesiology, biofield diagnostics and emotional readings. One interesting technique that Seth learned and offers is to test reflex points for interference among organs and how this relates to negative health conditions. As this is brought to the awareness of the clients, suggestions and steps can be given to help balance the biofield. Seth has a love for nature and sports enjoying a wide range of activities from horse back riding, surfing, rafting, and softball.

Massage Therapist
Surf Instructor
Green Reef Costa Rica

Christine Lessard

Bio-Energy Practitioner

lecher antenna
feng shui
personal development

Jaime Ayotte


With a holistic approach to behavior change and over 20 years of experience consulting to hospitals, HMO's, corporations, high schools, and government agencies in the United States; Jaime bridges Science and Spirituality using Energy Medicine Modalities to re-establish inner and outer harmony and peace. Travel to over 22 countries has provided a broad range of cultural experiences adding to the adaptability of his presentation skills in any environment. Responding to the request and need of his client base, Jaime authored and produced a CD compilation designed as tools to further support those who are seriously committed to expanding their consciousness on their evolutionary path. Jaime is a catalyst for change with a focus on simplicity, ease and cooperation!

energy medicine
spiritual guide
guided meditation
motivational speaker

Zion Susanno


Zion Loddby is an established and experienced pilot, clocking over 3000 flying hours, with seven years experience, not to mention Central America’s no. 1 in cross country paragliding. Fearless and licensed, Zion will make your flying experience the best yet. First time tandem flyers can expect a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Whilst those looking to get off the ground on their own will be in the most capable hands to learn to paraglide independently and progress to the next level.


Sharon Revital Aluma


is a Sacred Visionary Artist recognized for her intuitive gifts as a channel of profound wisdom. Born into a family that cultivates art, philosophy, ritual and personal development, Sharon has a strong foundation in a universal language. Sharon came into her yoga practice 18 years ago through Ashtanga and has trained in several linages throughout her life. In her personal healing, Sharon entered into a deep meditation path through shamanic practices. Through her meditation journey she came into a beautiful connection with sound. Sharon works with the gift of Crystal Alchemy Bowls and sacred sound, these bowls and sacred sounds open frequencies on a molecular level. Classically trained in the Fine Arts, Sharon has a unique way of seeing and sharing from an artist’s perspective. She has held space for thousands on their journey into embodiment. Through yoga and art, Sharon guides souls into the poetry of their bodies, their breath and intuition. Sharon’s classes are a full experience, each time you step on the mat you will leave transformed. Sharon shares from her own awakening: it is her vibrational being that is felt as she lives a life of spiritual wellness in authenticity.

wellness guide
sound healer
guided meditation

Aliza Schechter

Dance Therapist

Aliza (Ali) Schechter is devoted to the dancing path. A lifelong dancer and Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, she recently followed a soul call to Danyasa Eco-Retreat, trading the concrete jungle of New York City for the lush jungles of Costa Rica. The journey from one location to another has been about more than physical place. It’s been a journey of shifting from old, outdated programming into new paradigm living. A journey in saying yes to the soul’s knowing, in trusting the felt sense, in dancing with the mystery toward a life beyond the constrictions of the matrix. Ali is passionate about helping others make this transition in their own unique way through embodied practice. Drawing on her dance therapy training and a range of transformational movement tools including the 5Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Continuum, Temple Body Arts and more, Ali is here to help you deepen your embodied knowing and make choices that support your highest freedom. Before moving to Dominical, Ali spent years dancing professionally and teaching yoga in NYC. She earned her BA in Dance and English from Columbia University and an MS in Dance/Movement Therapy from Sarah Lawrence College. Ali completed her 200-hour yoga certification at OM Yoga Center, and is also a certified Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga teacher. In 2014, she was ordained as a priestess in the tradition of her ancestors via Kohenet: The Hebrew Priestess Institute. As a dance therapist, Ali has worked extensively in geriatric care, sharing movement as a therapeutic tool for elderly clients with a range of physical and cognitive abilities. These experiences in elder care offered valuable lessons in the dying process and the energy patterns present at the threshold of life and death. Dancing with people at the end of their lives was also a teaching in impermanence and the beauty that arises when we are willing to die gracefully. As the frequency of earth rises, we are all being asked to do this in one way or another: to let the old ways die, let go of what longer serves, and rebirth ourselves anew as stewards of love and consciousness. Ali is honored to dance with you as an ally on your journey, to witness you as you deepen your dance with the mystery and claim the freedom that is your birthright.

dance therapy

Distillation of Complex Concepts

It is our intent to reduce the complex to simple for advancement of consciousness.  To bring balance to an overly critical logical based waking awareness so that one and many can access portals of light and remember truth from within - GNOSIS.