Effectively using Sleep Paralysis and the Vibrational State to Explore Consciousness

By Astral Info

As the OBE trainer at the Monroe Institute for the past six years I have seen and addressed many issues concerning OBEs, the vibrational state and sleep paralysis. Regrettably, we live in a society that spreads false narratives and beliefs related to the exploration of consciousness and the energy phenomena associated with it.

For two thousand years the collective consciousness of humanity has lived with the concept of an external evil force, such as demons and devils, constantly present to negatively influence us. Today hundreds of millions accept this ancient fear-based belief as an undisputed reality in their lives. For example, stories continue of an evil entity that can attack our energy body while we are in an altered state. As active explorers of consciousness we must rise above the myths that restrict our progress and develop the mindset that empowers us and supports our evolution.

During all explorations of consciousness our mindset is everything. Recognize that we are entering a highly thought-responsive state of consciousness. It’s essential to realize that we are never objective observers during altered states – we are active and creative participants in all our experiences. Every thought and emotion we hold, both positive and negative, conscious and subconscious are creative energy projections influencing our perception. Our manifested fears are often the greatest barrier we confront during our explorations.

The first few seconds of our explorations are often critical in the way we perceive and react to our experiences. For many a knowledgeable, positive and prepared reaction to the vibrational state and sleep paralysis is essential to initiate effective exploration. Our reaction to these energetic events will shape the perceptions of our entire experience. To be clear, I absolutely love the vibrational state and sleep paralysis. These events are often my best friend and ally; for they are clear announcements that I am ready to explore.

Here are a few simple ideas that work for me and others during our inner explorations.

How to effectively respond to altered states, the vibrational state, sleep paralysis and OBEs:

1) An empowered positive mindset is our greatest asset during all explorations of consciousness. Remain calm during all shifts of consciousness and embrace the creative power of your subconscious mind. Fully accept your unlimited ability to explore beyond your physical limits and create your reality in all situations. An empowered mindset raises your personal vibrational frequency and your state of consciousness propelling you beyond the influence of any potential lower astral wildlife.

2) Recognize that sleep paralysis, the vibrational state and OBEs are completely natural events. Over forty years of out-of-body travel confirms to me that there is nothing to fear. Reject the fear-based beliefs that saturate the collective consciousness. Our personal fears remain the greatest block in all aspects of life’s endeavors including the exploration of consciousness and self-initiated OBEs. Embrace love not fear.  

3) Remain calm and surrender during sleep paralysis or the vibration state. Never analyze, mentally resist, focus on your body or fear the event.  One strategy is this; go with the energy flow as you imagine you are immersed in and surrounded by positive thoughts and love. When we react calmly and effectively to these energy events they become our personal launch pad for exploration. Also, pay no attention to unusual sounds or images that may manifest; they are a diversion of the mind. Remain focused on your positive intention to explore beyond your physical limits.

4) Focus and direct your complete attention to a location away from your body, “Door now!” Make this a silent affirmation for immediate results. My backup move is to mentally roll out of my body and direct myself away from my body.  (It’s similar to rolling in a sleeping bag.)

5) If your goal is inner exploration NEVER think about or focus on your physical body during the vibrational state or sleep paralysis. When we focus on our body we lock ourselves within it! During all altered states completely own your creative power and expect positive results. Silently repeat, “Awareness now!” to enhance your perception and mobility capabilities.

We have a choice, we can accept fear-based beliefs and limit ourselves or empower ourselves and become effective explorers. Choose well.

I provide an inner exploration Keys to Control guide in Adventures beyond the Body and on my website. www.astralinfo.org. This can be useful in all explorations of consciousness.

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